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Get started with brushpen calligraphy with just 2 supplies.

"Get started with brush pen calligraphy with just 2 supplies"

Brush pen calligraphy is a beautiful art of writing letters.  Before starting let me introduce you all to myself. I am Rahima Siddiqui, a Calligrapher from India. I have been doing calligraphy since I was 13 years old. With all these years of experience and learning, I find myself at a place where  I can introduce you all to the fun world of brush pen calligraphy.

Before we begin with the supplies that are to be used in brush pen calligraphy. Let’s understand what the term “brush pen calligraphy” actually means.

Brush pen calligraphy simply means BRUSH-PEN-CALLIGRAPHY . Confused???? 

I have simply broken down the term that makes it self explanatory. 

A calligraphy done with a brush pen (a pen that has a flexible tip or simply a brush can also be used as a pen) is called brush pen calligraphy.

In the beginning just by looking at the pictures, it might look quite intimidating…but trust me!! It’s really very simple to do. All we need to do is to keep few things in mind.  

brush pen calligraphy

Table of Contents

Supplies needed

So now let’s get into the world of supplies needed for brush pen calligraphy. 

All we need is 

1. A brush pen ,and 

2. A paper 

  1. BRUSH PENS-magic wand for brush pen calligraphy 

Brush pens are pens with a flexible tip. There are a wide variety of brush pens available in the market that you can go for. 

Based on the tip of brush pens, there are large tip and small tip brush pens available in the market and on online stores. 

For beginners, I would recommend you go with Tombow fudenosuke small tip brush pens (hard tip). I recommend this as it has a very comfortable and compatible tip that is ideal for beginners. However, you can choose any brush pen to begin with.

2.  PAPER- medium to display brush pen calligraphy

The other supply needed for brush pen calligraphy is obviously a paper to write on. Now you would be wondering the type of paper that should be used. You should always go for a smooth paper as this wouldn’t fray your brush pens and you brush pens will last the longest. Simply to begin with, you can go for any printing paper like JK Bond printing sheets. It is all upto you that which paper you would want to go for but just make sure it is a smooth paper.

Now as we have gathered the supplies for our brushpen calligraphy. The next step is to start by doing it. But wait, where to start with???? And how to start????

#Angle of holding brush pen

The very first step is to hold your brushpen at an angle of 45 degree to the paper. This angle will let you in smooth formation of letters.

#TIP PRESSURE- thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes.

To begin with brush pen calligraphy, it is very important to know the concept of tip pressure. 

As we go up, we must make sure to maintain light pressure that would create thin strokes. On the other hand, while moving downwards, increase the pressure on the tip which would result in heavy or thick downstrokes.

#BASIC STROKES- foundation of every alphabet.

Now as we had just learnt the concept of tip pressure, next step is to learn the basic strokes. These are 8 basic strokes that forms the foundation of every letter. Every person wanting to learn brushpen calligraphy must master these strokes to get better at it.  

8 basic brush strokes-

i. Up stroke

ii. Down stroke

iii. Overturn

iv. Underturn

v. Compound curve

vi. Oval

vii. Ascending loop

viii. Descending loop

I hope that the content of this blog was useful and it will help you in getting started with your brush pen calligraphy journey. Don’t forget to share it on instagram and tag us @art_by_rahima

with  love,


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